The global pandemic has forever impacted and changed our lives. This tiny microscopic virus will enormously impact all industries for many years.

Here is the good news … there are products and materials that are naturally antimicrobial!!  Meaning they already contain properties that kill or stop microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) from growing.

Designing with these products in mind is a great way to combat COVID 19 in our kitchens daily!

Quartz: Already a very popular option, quartz is hard, non-porous, stain & scratch resistant, as well as antimicrobial. It can be used in the kitchen as countertops, backsplashes and even sinks.

Brass, Bronze and Copper: These metals are naturally antimicrobial. They would be great for high traffic areas like handles & knobs, as well as faucets.

Wood: Certain woods like cork, bamboo, and oak can slow or stop microbes from growing. Flooring, countertops, and shelves the possibilities are endless.

Touchless: Touchless faucets/soap dispensers/garbage bins are becoming increasingly popular. They can be voice or motion activated. Perfect for those messy hands. There are also products that allow your cabinet doors to open without needing a handle or knob. Think about using these in areas that see a lot of action (like the pantry, or the built-in garbage/recycling).

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