Stone Countertops

Cabneato Newmarket offers custom kitchen remodelling services and premium renovation solutions to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Sometimes, you don’t want an elaborate kitchen remodel and want to settle for simple, but impactful changes that can transform the kitchen space.

As experts and leaders in the industry, we want to be able to provide custom solutions that are built around your needs. Replacing your countertops and opting for natural and engineered stone fabrication surfaces such as quartz, granite and more can add value to your kitchen space.

Stone countertops are also incredibly low-maintenance, resistant to all kinds of stains, and practically indestructible. We supply an expansive range of colours, styles and designs so you can choose the one that best reflects your personal aesthetic and living space theme.

Investing in the right kitchen upgrades is important so you make the right choice to make your kitchen functional and fashionable. It’s not just about visual appeal but cooking style too!

Need a good looking counter? Check out for backsplash, thickness, edges, overhang and cabinets. We help you make the right choice.