Bathroom Cabinetry

Cabneato Newmarket offers you custom storage solutions that make any living space in your home more functional, without compromising on the aesthetic and style. Our expert technicians are trained to innovate and design closets and bathroom cabinetry that fulfill your needs and your dreams. Whether you’re renovating to accommodate more people or need more efficient solutions in your home, we work to optimize your space and maximize its potential.

We offer a wide range of styles, designs and colours to meet your needs, including double vanities, single vanities, corner vanities, floating vanities, and freestanding vanities. From modern to traditional solutions, we can make your bathroom more functional with a vanity that is beyond stylish and functional.

We create streamlined solutions for modern and contemporary bathroom spaces. If you’re looking for minimalist designs to complement the overall theme in your home, you can choose wall-mounted vanities. Take your pick from a wide range of colours and styles for a modern vanity with antique finishes and more refined appearances.

A bathroom vanity should complement other features of your bathroom, such as the wall covering, tiles, lighting fixtures and shower/tub space. We can help you manifest your personal style so you can get ready in luxury and with panache.