Basic Kitchen Renovating Procedures

Examine your wants and needs

Many kitchen remodeling projects wind up disappointing homeowners — or startling them with the expense, because they did not take the time to figure out what they wanted and could afford. Begin by considering what chronic issues you have with your current kitchen. Is it a case of not having enough space to cook efficiently? Is there a lack of storage room for food and dishes? Do you have a shortage of dining areas? Are the appliances outdated or ineffective? Or does the kitchen make you cringe because it’s so old and dingy?

Make a priority list of the features you want in your new kitchen, ranking them in order of significance. It’s useful to distinguish between necessary elements and those that are simply desirable.

Reality check on remodeling

Face the two realities of a kitchen remodeling project early in your planning: the mechanics of the job and the cost involved.

If the work is done by subcontractors or a general contractor from afar, you will have strangers traipsing through your home, generating noise and a mess for weeks, if not months. If you plan to conduct the work yourself, the downtime for the kitchen will almost certainly be much longer—and do you have the time and DIY abilities to do so?

Resale value of a kitchen renovation

Consider how much money you’ll save on a new kitchen. A dream kitchen may be worth the expensive cost if you expect to stay in your home for a long time because it will serve as a practical and appealing family place for decades. However, if you are an empty nester planning to downsize to a smaller home over the next five years, a surface-level kitchen renovation may be the better alternative.

A kitchen is a highly personal place, and your vision of a perfect kitchen may differ significantly from the next owner’s. Kitchen remodels frequently recoup a significant amount of their expenditure in increased house value, but not always.

Expect to make a compromise

Establish a mindset that is willing to look for methods to save money on your kitchen renovation project from the start of the planning stage.

Prepare to make compromises when it comes to the materials in your new kitchen. It’s tempting to get carried away with custom cabinets and marble floor tiles, but there are plenty of stock cabinets with hardwood veneer and mass-produced porcelain floor tiles that will look just as good. 

Kitchen planning and design

You may start brainstorming and refine a clear working plan for your new kitchen if you have a realistic notion of what you need and an attitude of determined adaptability.

Plans for a simple kitchen


Plans for a simple kitchen

Utilize one of the five traditional kitchen design layouts while you have a wide range of options. All models include a version of the kitchen triangle for ease of movement, a well-known workflow paradigm.

  • Design with a single wall
  • Designing a corridor
  • Design in the shape of an L
  • Design with two Ls
  • Design in the shape of a U

One of these classic kitchen design designs is almost certainly the best option for your new kitchen. You can then look at a variety of resources to assist you in creating actual plan drawings and blueprints for your kitchen which include:

Kitchen design software. Low-cost or no-cost online kitchen design software will assist you in the arduous space planning work.

Physical design kits. These kits include punch-outs of cabinets and appliances made of cardboard. Using punch-outs on a kitchen grid allows you to see your available space more realistically.

Kitchen designers. Kitchen designers who work for home renovation companies or kitchen design stores do not charge for their services. They will, however, direct you to their merchants and labour crews. Because they have fewer constraints, independent designers will have the most freedom and may provide you with the best result. They will, however, bill you for their services either by the hour or as a percentage of the total project cost.General contractors. The same general contractors who manage kitchen renovation projects may be able to help you plan your kitchen in the early phases. However, their design aid will not be detailed until you employ them. Still, most general contractors bidding on work would include comments and sometimes even plan sketches in their submissions. Simply speaking with contractors can assist you in clarifying your plans.

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