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The remarkable advantages of natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops, vinyl countertops, or any other form of countertop? That’s the question many people ask themselves when they are constructing a new house or upgrading their old home. Most have a general idea when they originally broach this issue. But when presented with the facts, people instantly fall in love with natural stone countertops as they realize all of these great benefits:


The aesthetics

Granite, marble and soapstone surfaces quickly improve a kitchen or bathroom from decent to outstanding. While aesthetics may be subjective, people’s concrete reaction to real stone countertops is always favourable since they look so fantastic.


The durability

Natural stone countertops endure a lifetime. They are highly robust, require minimum care and can endure those spills, accidents and catastrophes that commonly accompany day-to-day life. Hot cups of coffee, spilt wine and even slicing knives seldom harm granite, marble and soapstone.


The uniqueness

No two slabs of granite, marble or soapstone are precisely the same, so you can genuinely create a one-of-a-kind kitchen or bathroom by selecting them for your countertops. You may also collaborate with a countertop fabricator to pick a colour and design pattern that complements the individuality and character of any place.


The value

Of all the countertop materials available to you, none will increase the overall value of your property like genuine stone. Granite, marble and soapstone are always coveted (and always in vogue), and they are both timeless yet contemporary. Many homeowners have chosen to buy houses solely on the natural stone countertops alone.


The flexibility

Because each natural stone slab is carved particularly for your countertops, you may combine them into any design you like. Whether you want a kitchen island that is shaped like a T, or a circular vanity in your closet, your natural stone fabricator can cut your slab of granite, marble and soapstone to order. With real stone, you have the opportunity to construct the countertops of your dreams.

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Things to consider when choosing natural stone

When choosing natural stone, make sure to ask these important questions:


How does my lifestyle affect my choice of stone?

Your lifestyle is a key consideration when it comes to your choice of stone. When you visit our showroom to explore our assortment, the primary objective is to understand the dynamics of your family and where the stone will be installed. Often, granite is a wonderful place to start, owing to its unequalled durability and range of hues. If you intend to place the stone in an area prone to spills and splatters (or have children or entertain a lot), we may propose a mid to darker hue to decrease the danger of stain visibility.


What level of commitment does natural stone require?

In addition to routine cleaning and care, we strongly advocate addressing your natural stone countertops annually. Our countertop professionals can give you additional information about sealing and propose the correct upkeep. If you’re ever asked when is the correct time to seal your countertops, we have a short test you can conduct: Simply pour a tiny drop of water on a regularly utilized section of your countertop; if the water is absorbed, then it’s time to reseal.


What’s next after choosing a type of stone?

After discovering the correct stone that matches your lifestyle, you’ll pick a particular slab to work with. Natural stone is unique, and each slab might have an individual veining, pattern and colour; therefore, you must pick the most suitable slab you want for your project.


What finish do you select for your countertop?

Natural stone comes in a range of finishes and each has its own benefits. Polished is a more common option and simpler to maintain, always looking as great as on installation day. But we always urge you to select the finish which you’ll be delighted with, every time you enter into the room.


Stone countertops from Cabneato Newmarket

Cabneato Newmarket provides creative kitchen remodeling services and top remodeling solutions to help you attain the kitchen of your dreams. Sometimes, you don’t want an extravagant kitchen makeover and simply settle for small yet dramatic improvements that may alter your kitchen area.


As professionals and pioneers in the field, we want to deliver personalized solutions that are developed for your requirements. Replacing your countertops and selecting natural and engineered stone fabrication surfaces such as quartz, granite and more can add value to your kitchen area. Stone countertops are exceptionally low-maintenance, resistant to all types of stains, and nearly indestructible. We offer an extended choice of hues, styles and patterns, so you may choose the one that best represents your unique taste and living space concept.


Investing in the correct kitchen renovations is vital so that you choose the proper options to make your kitchen practical and stylish. It’s not only about aesthetic attractiveness but culinary style too.

For more information on natural stone countertops, call your friendly experts at Cabneato Newmarket at (705) 417-7225 or visit us online today.