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What is a Basement Renovation?

A basement renovation can be a difficult task. Basements are often low-priority in order to persuade homeowners to focus on other improvements around the house, because of the tendency for basements to be cluttered, dark and chilly.

On the other hand, basements do not have to stay like this, and they can be refurbished and finished to blend in with the rest of the house while still being attractive (and as significant additions to the property).

The first step in any basement renovation is to figure out how to finish the large surfaces, such as the flooring, walls and ceiling. The floor may be concrete, the walls concrete block or bare studs, and the ceiling joists are above the level of an unfinished basement. After the major surfaces are in place, the area can be redesigned in the same way as any other room in the house.

When you see the incredible basement renovations that homeowners have completed, you’ll be inspired to get your own basement renovated too.

Benefits of Cabneato Basement Renovations

Basement renovations might be more cost-effective per square foot than most other house improvements. Basement renovations are a wise investment, whether you’re updating an old basement or finishing one for the first time.

Cabneato Newmarket shares the following advantages:

Extra Room for Living

For a fraction of the cost of a big home addition project, you may virtually double your house’s liveable square footage. It’s entirely up to you how you use that space! For an expanding family, you can add more bedrooms, a home theatre, a rec room, a second bathroom, a kids’ playroom, a home office and more storage. Cabneato Newmarket will collaborate with you to develop a basement that matches your specific requirements.

Basement Renovations Brampton Cabneato Newmarket

Property Value Increase

Your home’s resale value will increase if you finish the basement. Not only will the extra living and storage space appeal to potential buyers, but it will also raise the selling price of your property. Furthermore, a basement restoration is a sound financial investment. 

Obtain Additional Revenue

If you have the space, a secondary suite in the basement can provide a steady source of income. Many basement suites can be rented out for up to 75% of the monthly mortgage payment, quickly covering the upfront costs of completing the room and assisting with day-to-day expenses. A secondary suite will also increase the resale value of your home.

Reasons to Use an Excellent Renovation Company

If you already have a finished basement that is in desperate need of renovation, you should leave it to professionals like Cabneato Newmarket. You never know what’s hiding down there — you might find shoddy framing, amateur electrical mishaps, leaking pipes or hidden mould downstairs. If you have a lot of plumbing, electrical, or framing work to complete, hiring a professional basement renovation business will save you a lot of stress, time and money. They’ll also ensure that all of the appropriate building permits are in place and that all of the skill-specific jobs are handled by licensed tradespeople.

Working with a professional company will assist you with the planning stage of your basement redesign, ensuring that your project is completed in the most cost-effective and safest way possible. They know where to make any new window cut-outs, for example, to ensure that the walls can withstand the structural load. They’ll also know where the greatest spot for a new bathroom or kitchen is, so you don’t have to run plumbing throughout the property. You’ll have a basement design that improves the space’s utility while making the renovation process more efficient.

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